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Offer from 28 August to 01 September 2018
Offer Not combinable

To celebrate the Nosy Be Symphonies Classical Music Festival of the Indian Ocean, which will be from August 29th to September 02nd, 2018 , the Vanila Hotel & Spa***Sup is pleased to offer specials as follows:

Our rates per person per night, based on 2 persons per room.
7 nights package, B&B basis 698 € pp.; single supplement
299 €
Does include:

  • accommodation in an air-conditioned Oceane room (superior double room)
  • B&B basis
  • all transfers (airport to & from and to all different concerts sites)
  • entries fees to 5 concerts
  • a buffet cocktail after the concerts except at Mont Passot concert
  • 01 massage at the Vanila Hotel’s Spa

Placed on the west coast of Nosy Be, Vanila Hotel & Spa combines the comfort of international standards and authenticity of Madagascar.
Its traditional architecture and magnificent park are in total harmony with the original landscape of the island.
Its wide range of high quality services ensures comfort and safety of its guests.

Where To Buy Klonopins

For stays of 5 nights, the hotel offers you a part or the whole of an activity.
Offer valid for stays until December 22, 2015.

Disposal in addition to hotel *** sup :

– Equipped meeting room (tables, chairs, video projector, flipchart, possibility to fit the space for brainstorming techniques or other, fans and air conditioning,…)
– Breaks with hot and cold drinks + salty and sweet
– Business Center (photocopier, scanner, printer,…)
– Ability to manage multiple workspaces
– Original and many leisure activities (golf (nearby), excursions, helicopter flight, scuba diving, fishing, mountain biking, quad biking,…)
– SPA 200 M2 inside hotel
– 2 infinity pools
– Quiet location at the edge of the Ocean

For all stays, more than 3 nights at the Vanila Hotel & Spa, we are happy to upgrade honeymooners in “Honeymoon” Suites. Suites depending on our possibilities.
A welcome gift or flowers will be given for free. 25% discount for the semi-double.For all stays, more than 5 nights, a “Special Couple Package” will be offered in our SPA (Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, traditional essential oil massage “special couple”).
Included in their half board, a romantic and intimate dinner near the pool will be offered without any extra charge, and a cocktail will be offered for a special and very romantic moment.

Vanila Hotel & Spa – Nosy Be – Madagascar

Visite de l’hôtel en 360°

Order Ambien From Mexico Buy Ambien Zolpidem