Stay in South Africa

Welcome to the ground of springboks! South Africa is a destination of choice for the amateurs of big spaces, the nature lovers and the enthusiasts of aquatic sports … So, during the journeys in this big country of Africa, we remain always curious to know its story.

Visit of the museum Robben Island off the Cape A stay South Africa allows the tourists of the whole world to discover the place where the most famous African of the planet was imprisoned. Situated at Table Bay, the Museum of Robben Island is classified in the world heritage and in the South African national heritage. To surrender there, take ferries from Nelson Mandela Gateway, on the V*A Waterfront, on the cape, is the simplest way. Arrived on the island, the travelers will be welcomed by a whole family of auks and seals on a beach of grey pebbles. They will also perceive that the landscape is dry. To live the weather of the abomination of the regime of the Apartheid, they will be guided by former political prisoners.

The latter will tell them what really passed and what they lived in this anteroom of the oversight. In the court(yard), we can see the photos of prisoners. But what interests most the visitors, it is Nelson Mandela’s cell(unit). Sound two meters on three to him, where he was able to hold during 27 years, in spite of his fragile health, and where he knew the death of his great-granddaughter.

Besides, beyond the history, the island Robben also shelters near de 132 species of birds. We can also perceive there antelopes. Visit of the Museum of the Apartheid in the city of Johannesburg Un stay in Johannesburg is enough for visiting inescapable Museum of the Apartheid.

This ship is considered as one of the emblems of the country. Unique, this museum allows the vacationers passionate with story to understandthe inexplicable in the time of the racial separation in South Africa. Unusual! In the entry, the visitors will receive different tickets. Has it for the Whites there and has it it for the Blacks.

Similar for front doors. In fact, it is with the aim of making them feelthe humiliation which engendered the law in this period. Inside the museum, the tourists will discover a vast collection of sound or filmed documents, as the last interview of Madiba before his arrest. They will also find there objects of the period of the brutality of the regime.

The Museum of the Apartheid collects a whole story, to begin with the foundation of the ANC. The vacationers can decorate this visit rich in discoveries and in emotion by a tour in Mandela House, in Soweto. This house is of the most modest, because it is made brick-built and takes the shape of a match.
Today, it became an inescapable(major) place of pilgrimage. Nelson and Winnie Mandela lived there from 1946 to the 90s. Inside, the visitors will see Nelson’s posters with his dog, his diplomas, his certificates and other honorary decorations in a shop showcase, as well as some furnitures.