• Under the leadership of our renowned Indian Ocean French Chef, our “Cuisine” is carefully elaborated in our 2 restaurants,
  • The Parfum Vanille

    Opened 7/7 days, the Parfum Vanille (80 seats) is the main restaurant where breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served. The restaurant and cocktail bar are opened all day long where light lunch’s formula and snack bar can be served at any time. Dinners offer various exotic dishes, fish, and kebab, meat BBQ’s or buffets style from local products such as tiger prawns, fresh line fish, zebu, tropical vegetables, and flavoured local spices. Malagasy local music & dances entertainment in a warm and friendly atmosphere guaranteed.
  • The Grill Del Sol

    Closed on Mondays, the Grill Del Sol (40 seats) is the second restaurant on the beach. Opened only in the evening f. With its Carte Table Gourmande and cosy atmosphere, it offers a much elaborated Cuisine suggesting only the best: grilled lobsters, large prawns, flambéed camarons, and exotic cooked duck fillet of zebu, foie gras, fresh line fish and king crabs.
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