The Vanila Hotel & Spa is involved in several actions social, cultural,…


The Vanila Hotel & Spa, through its Manager, presided over many years the fate of the GIHTNB ( Groupement Interprofessionnel de l’Hôtellerie et du Tourisme de Nosy Be).
This association aims to improve the tourist environment and the intelligent development of the sector. Through it, we are investing in several areas : health, environment, health, socio-cultural, safe. It is the GIHTNB which is at the origin of the creation of the Charter ‘Nosy Be is committed to sustainable tourism’ in 2011, the semi-public company which will manage the collection and treatment of all household waste on Nosy-Be, of the Training Centre for tourism (CFTH) professions, short courses with UNICEF, the creation of the Office of tourism of Nosy – Be, and so many other actions.

II.  Actions for the families of the staff of the hotel

Each year, a large Christmas party is organised involving the children of staff who have less than 12 years. Santa Claus in person just handing out gifts and snacks is also available for small and big.
The staff also participates in a day of sports activities and animated ending the evening with a great dancing evening for the staff and his family. Support are provided to staff at the time of the school with donations of school supplies.
A medical emergency fund was implemented with a levy of 1 euro per stay of customer granted by the management to feed a fund that responds to emergencies and surgeries of the staff sometimes inaccessible cost.


Very involved in the training,the Vanila Hotel & Spa has established the Training Centre of tourism and hospitality of Nosy Be (CFTH) with other tourism professionals. After having chaired the association for more than 7 years, the Vanila Hotel is still very involved to date and supported greatly the last academic year so that students can be graduates.

IV. Creator of Donia (festival of the Indian Ocean)

The Vanila Hotel & Spa, through its Manager, is the founder and organizer of Donia, the cultural festival of the Indian Ocean and is the Honorary President.
In 1994, Jean-louis Salles has created the COFESTIN (Committee of organization of Festival of Nosy-Be) and asked a few friends to join him. He managed the Festival for 16 years, then he spent the hand. This Indian Ocean festival is now in its 21st edition. DONIA means life, the good life in the language Sakalav of Northern Madagascar.

In 2014, the Donia is still there ! Artists from the Indian Ocean occur there. The festival attracts each year some 50,000 spectators. The festival begins with a carnaval for which any Nosy Be is mobilized to make a colourful and festive moment.

V. USSD (football school)

In 2006, the hotel management has created the Union Sportive SIRAMA – Dzamandzar (USSD). Since then, she presided over this school of football gathering 120 young people aged 7-17 years: 8 teams of boys and 1 girls team. These are supervised by qualified educators. And the Vanila Hotel & Spa regularly increases the capacity of the USSD and provides all the facilities and logistics. Each year, 3 or 4 children of Nosy-Be selected go on France with a selection of the North of Madagascar for a fortnight to participate in the international tournament of DIRINON, in France the combination of DIRINON ZATOVO, which mobilizes all year to pay these stays. All selected children see their studies paid for by the association up to the Terminal.

VI.  Charter ‘sustainable tourism ‘

Since its opening in 2000, the Vanila Hotel & Spa has always ensured that his professional activity is sustainable and equitable.
The integration of the local population is a pillar of this commitment and job creation perfectly illustrates it : The Vanila Hotel and Spa has more than 100 employees and nearly all Malagasy. Training is one of the pillars of the Hotel with social actions at all levels. The Manager of the Vanila Hotel was one of the main actors as President of the groupement Interprofessionnel hospitality and tourism, the implementation of the “Nosy-Be Sustainable Tourism Charter” which did set an example on Madagascar.

VII. the Nosy Be Symphony festival

Music Festival classic whose idea came after the Organization of a recital with an international artist in 2013, Elbieta Dedek by 3 operators including the Vanila Hotel. Building on this success, these three operators have decided to work on the creation of the first of Nosy-Be classical music festival which will take place from 22 to 29 September 2014.  This will be a great moment for Nosy-Be.